February 6, 2020

The hug from the homeless man

What a terrible feeling...

He traveled to the US on business for a very important meeting. And definitely it didn't go well. To be honest, he was feeling lonely since he took the plane in Brazil. But now his emotions got so much worse... He saw the expressions in the faces of the executives, it was clear that they didn't like the results. For any reason, he was not able to lead that quarterly review accordingly and will be held accountable.

The way back to the hotel was full of blame. And there was nothing he could do to try to fix things, it was all said and done at this point. So many negative feelings... Although he knew he was being harsh on himself, he couldn't avoid it. Looking into his pockets, he found a few bills and coins still left, a total about seven or eight dollars. So, instead of going to his room, he decided to keep walking the streets around to spend the money. In his prayers, he asked for God, Jesus and the angels to be close. Maybe cheer him up a little bit.

"Hey you"! He turned around and saw a dirty beggar, a thin young man, calling for money. He gave him all the bills and coins he had in his pockets, everything. Oh! That homeless man got so excited with those dollars that started talking and talking. He liked that unusual situation and listened to every single word. The dirty man told him about a city nearby - "maybe you have heard about it". He said he didn't - "I'm a foreigner, don't know the places". The poor man then explained that such city was his hometown and promised to take him there for a ride someday. He laughed, that sounded funny. 

The conversation proceeded for quite some time. But suddenly the beggar started to stare deep in his eyes. Somehow he got paralyzed. The surroundings seemed to have faded like in a dream, as if only the two of them existed. He noticed that, even missing a few teeth in the front, that beggar's smile was surprisingly bright and beautiful. In a fast move, the homeless man got closer and hugged him unexpectedly. It was a long tight hug. The human touch they both needed. It helped him remind that even the most important things at work don't really matter in life. In a couple of years, he would not remember the meeting anymore. "But for sure I will never forget that hug..." - he thought.

Later that same day he took his flight back home.

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